Tasha Walston, Meg van Huygen, and Miranda Moure created Hellish Rebuke in 2016 to yell about feminist stuff whenever they wanted. Tasha named it HELLISH REBUKE after a spell her D&D warlock has.

It’s an inclusive, collaborate ‘zine with lots of different kinds of writing (comics, comedy-yelling, fiction, rages, historical stuff, body image stuff, trans stuff, queer stuff, race stuff, parenting, relationshippery, intersectionality, REBUKES, etc.) Our mission remains sort of undefined, but the word “smite” applies, and it employs a heavy metal/witchcraft aesthetic. We’re pretty broad (get it???? BROAD) and open-minded. If you have an idea, try us!

We don’t do ads because we just started this and we barely know how to make a website, so we can’t pay contributors yet, but we really want to! We feel bad about this. We’re gonna get there.

We always love to hear your comments, but we’ll delete them if you’re being a gonad.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for the article on Ingrid Lyne’s murder. When I heard gunshots one time at my house around midnight in Seattle and my young daughter was freaking out and scared and crying, I stayed calm and dialed 9-1-1 to report it. After that, I called my husband, in the hopes that his calm voice would help my daughter to feel safer. His comment to me before I put her on the phone, “Why are you guys so scared? Don’t over-react.” To which I thought, “Fuck you! Spoken just like a man who has never felt scared for his own well-being. Put yourself in our shoes. Be concerned. Support my daughter’s very natural reaction and reassure her that she’s safe inside, with me.” I didn’t want anyone diminishing her primal reaction to be scared, because we should hold on to that as we navigate the world. Not to be frozen with fear or to miss out on life, but to listen to our instincts and not over-ride them.


  2. Thanks for the article regarding Ingrid. Just thought you should know, when people share this article on FB, the privacy blur on the kids faces is lost…


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