10 Songs for the (Fat-Positive) Feminist Revolution

Summer’s almost here—wait, what, how is that possible??—and poet/author Anna Coumou has your feminist playlist needs covered. Here are her top 10 body-pos jams for the coming season. Or, hell, for this season too. For later or for right this very minute, whichev. 🏖️🌹🌊 🍃

(This post originally appeared on Anna’s blog on Medium.com and is posted with her permission!)

Some days, you need a soundtrack to go along with Chad’s… opinion. If today is that day, give these fresh songs a listen. You deserve to feel supported when you tell the boy to figure it out and get his intersectional shit together. You also deserve to feel supported all of the other time — whenever you need them, these jams are for you.

  1. Doja Cat — Juicy

Doja Cat is the sharp, catchy, effortlessly self-loving artist you haven’t yet heard of. This song opens with the line “I keep it juicy juicy / I eat that lunch / I keep that booty booty / I keep it plump” and delivers those good “let’s just stay whole” vibes throughout. Sing-along meets self-affirming mantra.

2. CYN — Alright

This is a gentle reminder that you have the absolute right to like, live. In this clean, boppy, soft song, CYN celebrates the victory of existing. “We didn’t crack under the pressure / we made it OK / we came here from some nowhere and we came here to play / no need to talk about it think about it / it’s all meant to be.” I wish I could quote the whole thing . This song is packed with self-affirming language so needed at those times when the hardest thing to do is to simply take up your space.

3. Lizzo — Juice

If you’re not already listening to Lizzo’s album “Cuz I Love You” on repeat, please get on with it? It is the sound of unapologetic self-lovin’ and acceptance your spring and summer — actually, your year — is thirsting for. Juice is a special treat, giving us that “No I’m not a snack at all / look, baby, I’m the whole damn meal” feeling — and everyone deserves to feel like that.

4. BANKS — Weaker Girl

BANKS’s sounds are smooth, like an understated, calm rage. Her lines are cuttingly accurate and the beat is immediately bop-worthy: “Tell ’em you were mad about the way I grew strong / I think you need a weaker girl / ’cause I’ma need a bad motherfucker like me.” So inspiring. If Weaker Girl hits the spot, you might wanna give Brain a listen, too. Instant classics like “I can see you struggling / boy, don’t hurt your brain” and “Always trying to calculate / trying to look smart but not too smart / to threaten anything they say” will be served.

5. Teamarrr — One Job

Ever feel, like, uh, a little disappointed by men? This one’s for when you’re fresh out of patience. “No, no, no bullshit, babe” is just the tip of the iceberg of truth Teamarrr tells in this story — and if you have time to watch the video, there’s a delightful moment where she actually catches a man’s tears in her teacup. I know you’ve thought about it; Teamarrr delivers.

6. Ariana Grande — MONOPOLY

By Ariana’s standards, this one kinda flew under the radar (a lowly 22M on Youtube) but the song is this magical, raw-ish, makes-you-wanna-call-your-friends-and-talk-financial-strategy jam (that’s a real feeling, right?). The lines are just hot slices of truth-telling: “I been on a roll where you been / real protective of my soul where you been.” And, more importantly: “Bad vibes get off of me / outta here with that fuckery / treat my goals like property.” I’d have a bite.

7. Maria Mena — I Always Liked That

If I say “underrated Scandinavian pop princess,” would you say, “yes, please?” Maria Mena has openly struggled with eating for most of her life, and she channels her insights around body image and positivity into some very necessary music. “And I always liked that about me / that I know what I am fighting for / and for this I’ll go to war.” She ends with “What if I’ve always been / good enough in my skin?” So glad you asked. If I Always Liked That hits the spot, also give Fragile a listen (“I’ve been walking around all day, laughing / think I’d be better off without you here”) and especially All This Time (“All this time you have had it in you / just sometimes need a push”).

8. Sigrid — Don’t Kill My Vibe

Let’s stay in Norway for one more moment and listen to this sharp, kinda-yelling-but-in-a-good-way, near-edgy song from Sigrid. “You shut me down, you like the control / you speak to me like I’m a child.” There’s an experience we’ve all had before. “Try to hold it down, I know the answer / I can shake it off and you feel threatened by me.” It’s the kind of upbeat pop that makes feeling good about yourself feel incredibly cool.

9. Daughter — No Care

“I don’t care, I don’t care anymore”. With drums. It’s a feeling.

10. Florence + The Machine — Hunger

Engage with this strong song at your own risk — Florence opens with the unmistakable: “At seventeen, I started to starve myself / I thought that love was a kind of emptiness.” But the epic, string-forward song feels like the chant of a choir of hearts on their way to healing.“Don’t let it get you down / you’re the best thing I’ve seen” and “How could anything bad ever happen to you? / you make a fool of death with your beauty / and for a moment, I forget to worry”. The truth may hurt a little here, but Florence sure makes it sound hopeful.

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