A Knuckle Sandwich?

So I guess I was under the impression that Seattle doesn’t tolerate this kind of bourgie Reddit-grade sexism:

sexist sandwich truck

If you’ve unhinged your dumb mouth to mansplain to me about how this is not sexist, you may close it again because this is sexist AF. Did you know that the phrase “Now go make me a sandwich” is so pervasive in shutting down women’s voices in online spaces that the 2012 GeekGirlCon had to have a fucking PANEL about it? That’s right, in addition to being trite and overused, it’s also super denigrating! This is a fucking problem.

(If you’re not familiar, “Now go make me a sandwich” is the rallying cry of Internet broheims whose carefully crafted walls of text have failed to change a woman’s mind about whether or not she’s a kitchen appliance. So, they panic and hit the “make me a sandwich” emergency button, whereupon all of her points are rendered invalid. Voila, her opinions are drowned out by his wit + the loud, ensuing laughter of the hallucinated audience, who is definitely watching and cares.)

sandwich panel

Then the Viking thing is just a gross cherry lodged in the asshole sundae. How now, m’ladies, I’m an unrefined man-slab who’s worked hard browsing Imgur all day! I want a sandwich, and it’s someone else’s job to provide it for me. You may address me as “your liege” when you deliver it to mine dripping jaws. This is how I think about myself! By the way, men have rights too, and have you seen the new Archer?

Like, I’m sure these dicks find a healthy cash flow when they drive their little misogyn-obile over to the Amazon campus or Chuck’s Hop Shop. Plenty of sexist shitheads in that demographic. I guess they figured no women would ever see it.

Dear men of Seattle, if you wouldn’t say this degrading catchphrase to a woman, please do not encourage these business owners who have co-opted it by buying their stupid bro-tep sandwiches. Fuck them for capitalizing on the fun Internet fad of silencing female voices. It’s not acceptable.

And to the business owners: I don’t know where you think you are. This isn’t medieval Norway, you and your clientele are not Vikings, and modern, progressive Norwegians would hang you by the balls for this stunt. You may not name your food truck this. Get out of my city with this shit.

fuck off sandwich

P.S.: Vikings didn’t wear horned helmets. Richard Wagner made that up.

P.P.S.: I’m currently researching who is responsible for this, and it turns out to be a woman, I am going to sob into the trash can for the rest of my life.


One thought on “A Knuckle Sandwich?

  1. I stopped by and asked these people if they are going to change the name and they immediately said something to the effect of, “Yes. We weren’t thinking and don’t want to piss people off.”
    So, that’s good


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